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In adulthood the same dilemma, today I am 47 years old and amazed, apart from the only friend I had in adolescence, I never had any friends again, I never went into someone’s house to visit (they never invited me), you know that after work beer in Well, I was never invited to beer, cinema, coffee, I never went to a barbecue, birthday (outside the family), I never got a gift from someone outside, nor birthday, Christmas. If I don’t travel to spend parties with my family (as now) I spend Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc all alone, nobody invites me to have a juice.

I also feel very lonely… I am 32 years old I am divorced, I only had disappointments in my life… .I really want a good person in my life, I ask God every day to put a good man on my way… I had two courtships after mine divorce..It was a horrible experience, because I was deceived by my exes. Only God in my life… I am very sad… The worst thing that could happen to me was my mother’s death… This year was horrible for me…. be happy will q ever get it?

Well today I feel extremely alone, I separated for some time and since then I have not reacted, in the sense of being with someone else.

I have 2 children who complicate the situation more, because I take care of them alone, and a very difficult burden because in addition to not having any more friends as I had before, I have the boys who prevent me from leaving… ..

And even with social networks people appear who think everything is too easy, and have trivialized relationships with an emphasis on the dry. …. We’re dry I like it a lot but I think it’s all very easy with this msg face zap train and all the others… ..

Tired, I really wanted to have a relationship with someone, but it’s difficult, that’s why her high esteem goes down there, there are days that even I can’t stand myself so ugly that I find myself…. Lol it looks funny but it isn’t.

It is an agonizing suffering, and I am afraid of it, I parted in a very disrespectful way, and I still suffer a lot for that reason.

Look… maybe you will one day discover that few are interested in you. I know it can hurt, but … it’s the reality. The reality is not sad, we create fantasies. For example, I learned the fantasy that the family will always be there to support you and such … and today I have a sociopathic father and a narcissistic brother who destroyed the family, my best friend died young and … anyway … it is the reality of my life , I have to face.

Luckily I always liked myself and being with me (what is called being alone), I am very creative, I have a thousand projects, I love studying, I love sport…

Try to find out what you like about yourself because you will need to see ahahahhaha…. others are not in a position to be interested in them, you can’t demand that they take an interest in you!

All the best, especially at the end of the year, which is a horrible moment for those who feel this way, right?

I just want to know something: you complain about loneliness, but when someone wants to make friends do you move on or create a block? Because I see a lot of people complaining about loneliness that nobody wants anything serious but when they have the opportunity, they despise it! They think that the other person is involved, that he is not at the same level, in short: they create a thousand and one defects.